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Geoff Griffiths (G3STG) (Honourary).


Graham Mason (G4PTK).


Phil Smith (G4LWB).

Chief Trainer.

Howard Miles (G6KQP).


Graham Mason (G4PTK).

Phil Smith (G4LWB).

Ivan Eamus (G3KLT).

Assistant Trainer.

William Joyce (2E0OCW).


William Joyce (2E0OCW). Members Profile

Other Members.

Len Collins (G0IPB).

Pete Crust (G3XYC).

Bill Dallas (G4HEE).

Dermot Dallas (M6GDF).

Teresa Dallas (M6WTD).

Kev Greaves (G0PVE).

Sheila Griffiths (No Call).

Jerry Lefever (G4CAZ).

John Marriott (G0IJM).

John Metcalf (G4YSP).

Tony Nicholls (G0LUB).

Cliff Rowley (G0ORL).

Ian Shepherd (G4EVK).

Roy Shields (G0WYM).

Gerald Stancey G3MCK).

Charlie Stevens (G4LAU).

Peter Treadwell (G7PCT).

John Warrington (G8AKE).

David Wicks (G3YYD).

Craig Williams (No Call).


Membership to MMARS is open to anyone with an interest in our hobby. We meet on the third Friday of the Month, with the exception of July and August during which time, we try to get our Mobile Shack up and running.We try to arrange various talks for our scheduled meeting on subjects related to Amateur Radio throughout the year, all of which can be seen on our events page. Membership to MMARS is currently £10 Per Annum. 


Blogs will appear when available